Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mommy's Birthday at Keeneland

I've always been so glad my birthday is in October. It is a great month, especially in Lexington...changing leaves, Keeneland, UK football, orchards, etc. For my birthday this year my boys and I spent the afternoon watching the horses.

While we were getting ready to go I think Fisher had a question for Henry..."What the heck...

...are you doing with my ear?"

Seriously! What the heck?

Helping Daddy pick a horse.

Poor Fisher, he goes everywhere and does everything with us, but because I'm the one taking pictures and he is usually with with me in the Baby Bjorn or in the stroller, he doesn't get a lot of good photo ops. So for his sake, here is another picture proving that he was there.

Have I mentioned how hot it was that day? See the parasols? See the manly men sitting in the swanky boxes swallowing their pride to shield themselves from the early October blistering sun with the Keeneland provided lacy parasols? It must be one of those things that they've done since the beginning or something, because otherwise, it is just silly...it is called the Sport of Kings for goodness sake.

I can never remember why I took certain pictures of the horses after the race. I have grand plans to take a picture of my pick in the paddock, then during the race as he is hopefully winning and then one after he leaves the winners circle, and as Henry says, going back to the barn to eat some hay and take a nap. But in honesty, I don't know if I've ever actually succeeded in that plan. They're still pretty, no?

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