Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Halloween 2008

I feel like I fell a little short documenting Halloween this year. After the day at the Horse Park, Henry took a late nap and woke up with just a little light left outside (and you know how I feel about taking pictures with a flash!)...AND he woke up a grumpy little jockey! Both costumes were recycled from last year (we're doing our part to stay green...right? Plus, after commissioning a custom silk for Henry, I think it deserves to get worn more than once) but we did put a new twist on it by buying one of those costume horses you wear and it looks like you are riding it...but the little jockey wasn't that into it that night and we opted for the stick horse again.

Fisher and Aunt Kake. Aunt Kake was a "Newsie".

This was Henry's costume a couple of years ago...shhhh...don't tell Fisher.

This sad little jockey must have lost his race.

Trick or treating at the Codell's. We liked this stop, they had mini M&M's and adult beverage treats for the grown ups.

Going to Uncle Cav and Aunt Whitney's house. Their dogs had the cutest costumes too!

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Auntie Laura said...

Did anyone save the seeds and toast them? Yum That was a family halloween tradition when we were little.