Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

In honor of Halloween Henry is going to kick his football off his dracula TEEth!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tailgate #3

a.k.a "Back to the Parking Lot". UK vs. Western Kentucky. We had a great time tailgating...who needs to go into the game? We had a big group and it was televised live. Henry went in until half time.


Our normal pre-game ritual.

Poppy and the boys.

A visit from the Mattmillers.

Off to the game!

Part of the parking lot crew...our friend and neighbor Missy hanging out with Fisher.

The men, post-game. Guess which one didn't have a nap that day?

Hey look! It's Tim Couch!

Congrats on the win Cats! See you this weekend at the South Carolina game!


Fisher has started grabbing his toes.

...and is trying to turn over... I go...


...going going....

...nah, not now...

...there's plenty of time for all that!

Ryder Cup 2028?

Hopefully it will be back at Valhalla by then!


Can you believe I bought this monstrosity for my little healthy boy that barely ever has a lollypop? It SAID it was low-fat...and, surprise, Mom ended up eating most of it anyway!

Son, You've Got Some Big Shoes to Fill!

And they are your Mom's!