Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome Home Alysheba!

On Halloween morning Henry and I saw on the news that the great racehorse Alysheba was going to be given to the state of Kentucky by Saudi King Abdullah and would be residing in the Hall of Champions at the Kentucky Horse Park with other former great racehorses.


There was a nice reception planned for him, so Henry put on his Halloween costume, which was very fitting for the event and headed out to the park.

There was quite a crowd and I could barely get a picture of him!

There was a good turn out and several media. We actually got interviewed because of Henry's jockey costume, but I was almost to the parking lot before I realized I forgot to ask who the journalist was with.

Alysheba's plaque, but I think the wreath was for the great John Henry who recently passed away.

While we were at the park we took part in a couple of events that, for as many times as we've been out there, have never gone too. Henry watching the parade of breeds.

As you can imagine, this really kept his attention.

Parade of Breeds.

Henry at John Henry's grave. He was desperate to get up on that horse, it is just about his size!

I take it that John Henry loved donuts, especially chocolate, because there were several left there. So sweet.

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Auntie Laura said...

What a great day! I would love a copy of the newspaper or magazine that interviewed you. Henry is the cutiest jockey anyone will ever see.