Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Keenland again

This weekend was Aunt Emily and Uncle Jon's annual trip to Lexington for a football game and a trip to Keeneland. They always meet up here with friends for a big weekend with big fun!

Henry will take any opportunity to play some football...even on the patio lawn at the track!

I thought Henry was going to be a kicker...but looks like he's got some tackling skills too. (Don't worry, he didn't hurt Joey too badly, he can take a hit.)

Can you tell this guy has 2 boys of his own?

Henry making a football out of any object he can get his hand on...this time a beer cup.

Fisher and Aunt Emily.

I have no idea what this is all about...must have picked a winner...or not.

Henry and Ed? Or is it Ed and Henry?

Fisher and Mommy. (yes, it is actually a picture of Mommy...if you can see her behind all the accessories!)


Doing Aunt Kake's hair.

And his own?

Henry has on his lucky hat to pick the next race.

Henry's hat got a lot of mileage this day.

Watching the last race with Uncle Jon.

On the way home...and ready for the game tomorrow!

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