Tuesday, December 9, 2008

October at the Cabin

In October we went to Madisonville for a visit with the family and stayed at Granddad's cabin.

Ed brought down Henry's little beach tent for a little playhouse.

The word is apparently out about how good Granddad treats the geese and ducks...the pond was FULL of them.

I always enjoy my time in the hammock at the cabin, I'm always sad to see it taken down in late fall.

The hammock is always relaxing, except, on this trip I noticed the many healthy walnuts dangling directly overhead and cringing a little as they made a thud on the ground around me, thankfully sparing my noggin.

Granddad had a bumper crop of apples this year. Many bags were given away and many apple crisps were made and the small size was perfect for Henry to snack on.

Seems like we always sleep a little better at the cabin.

The boys always enjoy putting a line in the pond.

Jack always enjoys his time at the cabin.

He reeeally enjoys the cabin!

You can tell by the big smile on his face.

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