Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Day at the Races

I know at this point it seems like every other post is about Keeneland or UK Football...well, it is October in Kentucky, what else are we supposed to do? These pictures are from last weekend when we went to the track with Aunt Kate (or Aunt Kake). I'm choosing to talk about horses instead of football...for obvious reasons. (Watch out Vandy, Georgia and Tennessee, we're going to rest up next weekend and then we'll be back on our game!)

Watching the races on the tvs.

Picking a "Heee" in the paddock.

And down the stretch they come!

Henry and Aunt Kake picking the 4th place horse AGAIN!

Doing the Henry Dance on the bench.

Helping Daddy pick the Exacta.

Who is that woman?? A rare Mommy picture!

Yesterday was the last day of racing for the year at Keeneland.

Goodbye to the Heeees. We had a great time this fall! See you next Spring.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

Have you seen the Henry Dance?

Remember how Elaine danced on Seinfeld? Well this is a slightly more coordinated, cuter version of that. It definitely involves a skip-hop-stomp kind of move that I'm sure is hard for the even the better than average dancer to replicate. I will capture this on video someday because is the best thing I've EVER seen! It is usually performed in moments of glee and especially in open spaces...or on the new rug (from the company Flor) in the bedroom, that seems to really evoke the spirit in him...I've dubbed it the Henry Dance "Flor". And...I have to say it...he can really cut a rug! (sorry)

Yep, I'm a boy!

Mom's first thought...oooh, there are puddles at the end of the slide, must avoid.

Baby's first thought...did you just say...puddles!?!!?!!!?!!

Step away from the Mac

Have I ever missed your deadline? Have I ever forgotten to return an email? ....

....wonder why?

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Day at the Races

We spent a beautiful fall day with our HEEEEEEE (horse) obsessed little boy at Keeneland. Think his obsession has anything to do with the fact that his first outing was to Keeneland during the spring meet last year? He has got an eye for the horses...don't try challenge Henry to a game of Equine I will lose! Turf Town Realty signs, Frank Shoop logos on the back of cars, mailboxes, billboards, statues...and of course, the real thing...Henry doesn't miss any of them. When he watches a race he pumps his little fist in the air and gives a "woooo"! The first time he hopped on Jack's back, he held onto his collar and rode him like a jockey. TVG even entertains him just as much as cartoons. I think we have a little Trainer-in-Training. Guess what he is going to be for Halloween? You are just going to have to wait and see. ;-)

We're #1!

Ok, we are really #7...but we just beat the #1 team in the country and we all FEEL on top of the world. Again, Henry and I listened and watched from the parking lot while our crew of 16 or so of family and friends went in (and all came out without a voice!). We were in good company, watching with Aunt Julie, Uncle Jeremy, Shannon and Rob and their daughter Elise...aka our new best friend. She single handedly entertained Henry for HOURS. Such a sweet girl!

A lot of funny expressions...but Henry is in the game!

The littlest tailgater! Henry's only 1st cousin is having another little Wildcat!

It's Fall!!

Finally! To celebrate Henry took Ed, Uncle Cavan, Aunt Whitney, Poppy, Aunt Kate and I out to Evan's Orchards to enjoy some pumpkins and apples. Aunt Kate had some apple left from her carmel apple and Henry only paused to exclaim "HEEEEEE" when he spotted horses as he happily gnawed on it all the way home.

And for my next trick...

Henry Houdini...
Call him what you will...the boy has skills...he can climb into, onto, and out of just about anything...and he is fearless. Thankfully he seems to have inherited both of our athleticism, but more importantly, his dad's coordination!

Growing Boy

Henry had his 18 month checkup at the first of the month. All of his percentile are higher than they have been and he is looking great. Dr. Warner says he is doing excellent...and also says he is one of the best looking kids he's ever seen (but shhhhh....don't tell anyone that). His head size is in the 90th percentile....which doesn't mean he's going to have a big noggin...they use it to measure brain growth, which from what we can tell so far is accurate, we really have to watch what we say or do because it only takes once for him to catch on.

No vaccinations this time...we're done until he is 4! He did get a flu shot and a needle prick on his heel to test his iron (finally up to a good level), so we left with some tears and 2 band aids.