Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanksgiving '08

Happy Thanksgiving! Or if you are as lucky as we are to have a lot of family, a weekend of being human ping pong balls. Very full happy stuffed sluggish ping pong we go...

Ommy's pretty table.

Sitting down to dinner.

Does this actually ever work? Fun though!

Hello Lady!

Enjoying his first crazy Allen Thanksgiving.

Happy (late) Birthday Cav.

Fisher and Aunt Whit.

Silly Uncle Cavan.

Now it is off to the cabin for Thanksgiving dinner #2!

Otto's awesome highchair is enjoyed by two more family members, Owen,

and Fisher.

Yum! More turkey!

Hanging with Ol' Granddad and Mammy after dinner.

Back to Ommy and Poppy's for Friday brunch.

Yep...almost standing.

Mmmmmmmm....Poppy made pumpkin pancakes!

Not sure what got into these two.

Dinger and Leo.

Looks like we all indulged too much!

One of my canine "neices" and "nephews", Homer.

Back to the cabin!

Big smile!

Henry was desperate to get the two little boys together.

The boys playtime. I can't wait to watch this threesome grow...I'm sure what will seem all too fast, we'll be taking pictures of them playing football on the lawn.

Hanging out at the big cabin.

Henry getting a little bit of Auntie Laura time (or as Henry says Aunt Wawa) with Aunt Emily and Maggie.

Aunt Emily and Uncle Jon taking their (hopefully) new dog Boulder out for a spin with their other elephant, I mean doggie, Maggie. Boulder is joining the family during Christmas.

Boulder seems pretty happy.

Hanging at the "Little Cabin" or "Pinky's cabin", which was the house Ed's grandmother lived and where we now stay. It is on the same property as the "Big Cabin" or as Ed sometimes calls it "The Lodge".

I owed Owen a big apology after this picture. Too much flash!

See everyone again at Christmas!

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Auntie Laura said...

The three boys all together is priceless. Those three will be the best of buddies I am sure.