Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big Three!

June 2011

Three is a big deal for Fisher...definitely the Year of the Big Boy.

The festivities started at the beach as they did last year.

Aunt Laura always throws a good party.


Aunt Laura made Fisher one of favorite things (to this date...February 2012! A little behind on the blogging) Little MoMo.

Seriously LOVES him!

Monkey paper, how appropriate.

Olivia Goes to Venice. Great book, the boys have learned a lot about the city. We can't wait until Laura and Carlo take the boys on their first Italian vacation. (hint hint)

Going along with the Italian theme, a Cars 2 racetrack featuring Lighting McQueen and Francesco.

The boys love balls and Aunt Emily brought the gift that practically made them into a ball. They loved bouncing these all the open space of Aunt Laura's house.

And Fisher loved Aunt Emily getting in on it.

After the beach it was on to Madisonville...

Our anual party at the Cabin.

Henry is always happy to help.

Lots of great presents, Poppy gave fisher a great portable airport...

Then on the Fisher 3rd Birthday World Tour, it was back home to Lexington...

I always take a picture of Fisher while he is still asleep first thing in the morning on his birthday.

A little birthday soccer before school in one of his new 3 shirts.

A little later in his other 3 shirt we had a little backyard party with Mom, Dad, Uncle Cavan, Aunt Whitney, and Aunt Kate.

When your birthday is in mid-later are always allowed to play in the water!

(Henry again wanting to help out soo much)

Happy Third birthday to my silly happy funny monkey boy. You are such a big boy now...or as he says..."No!...I'm Fisher!"