Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Card Outtakes

I love Christmas Card time, I get to combine a few of the things that I love...design, photography and my favorite little subject matter! Here is how our 2007 card turned out.

Cute, right? But I thought it might be fun to see a little behind the scenes from the photoshoot that produced that perfect little picture...

First the ones that almost made the cut...

I had some fun with filters on this one...Henry circa 1950

Then there were ones that were cute, but not exactly Christmas Card worthy...

I moved outside and took some pictures looking in, again, some I just love, but not for the card. Jack decided he wanted to get in on the act as well, and if you look really hard you can see me peeking in the reflection in one corner.

THEN Jack REALLY decided to get in on the act. WARNING: If you are offended by doggie slobber please skip this part. (What's wrong? Don't worry, it will just build Henry's immunity, right?)

Very sly there Jack!

Pllllleeeease...we are brothers after all!

Thanks bro!

You've got just a little on your chin, here, let me get that for you.

Did I mention in the rush to get the perfect light, to keep Henry happy once he saw the candy cane and wanted it immediately, to work around breakfast, bath, lunch and nap, that we seem to have forgoten a crucial part of his wardrobe. Oops.

AND, we know, we know...boy oh boy does that door need to be painted!

Merry Christmas and and Happy New Year from Henry, Jenny, Ed, Jack and the Baby to be named later!...I've already gotten that little one booked for next year's card!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Henry's Thanksgiving Announcement

Thanksgiving was a big day for us! We did a big "Allen/Gibson" combination dinner and decided to go out to eat this year. My Mom and Dad and Sister Kate joined Ed's Dad and wife Betsy, his big Brother Kenny was visiting from Florida as well as Kenny's daughter and Ed's Cousin Julie and her husband Jeremy who were visiting from Nashville. We went to Pennyrile State Park Lodge to eat and got there only to stand in line for about an hour. It wasn't a bad wait because it was fun to chat with the family...but I was sweating bullets because we had a secret to unveil...Henry had surprise lurking under his jacket. Of course standing there in line for an hour, more than a couple people suggested we take his jacket off...but we couldn't just yet because we wanted to get to the table to reveal his big announcement....

UPDATE: Henry will be a big brother at the end of June (25th or so)!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's That Time of Year

Grab your rake and come on! No need to dress up...just your jammies, a denim jacket and your Grandfather Poppy's hat.

No really, come on!

Let's help Poppy rake the yard...

OK Poppy let me show you how its done!

More like this...

Ok, one more time. Like THIS!

Nevermind Poppy, just give me your rake, I'll do it!

Whew! This is hard work!

I think it's time for a little rest.

Just for a minute...the supervisor is watching!

Come on everybody...lets do the Raking the Leaves Henry Dance!

When is the last time you had so much fun raking the leaves?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Driving Mr. Henry

We went to Madisonville last weekend for a little visit with our families and left Henry with my parents while Ed and I went to the UK game at Vandy. I found these pictures on my camera that were taken by my sister (Aunt Kake)...I don't know what the story is behind them, but I can only guess it went something like this...

Keys? Check.

Driving music? Temperature? Check, Check.

Mirrors set? Check!

OK! Now, tell me pretty lady, where would you like to go?

No problem...let me just grab my shades...

...wait, where did you say you want to go??

Are you sure about that???

I don't think they have toys...

...or heeees there...um, I don't know....

OK pretty lady! Anything for you!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The Blueberry Helmet

I think Henry's outfit for Halloween was completely cute and successful...but I had planned on one more part...a helmet. I spent the better part of Halloween day running around brainstorming on how to make a helmet. I ended up buying a big styrofoam ball, cut in in half, hallowed it out with a spoon, bought fabric to cover it, even covered a button in another color for the top and burnt my fingers on hot glue pretty good in the process...only to put the hat on his head for the final fitting and realized it just looked like a big juicy silly blueberry and not a fearless jockey's helmet...so I scrapped it.

Luckily the next morning, Henry didn't let all my hard work go in vain....horses need to keep their noggins safe too don't they?