Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

I was trying to get a sweet picture of the boys and then tree. Hopefully quietly playing with the classic wooden train under the tree.

It started well...

dirty socks and all...

Then turned into a blur of activity.

I didn't think I'd put these on the blog.

A little too chaotic.

But that is life at our house.

Lots and lots of activity, noise and excitement.

Isn't it beautiful?

Last Game

UK vs. Tennessee

I'd been telling Henry that we were going to take a picture by the "big big football man" all season long...last game and we finally did.

Senior night...plenty of excitement...as we walked home...tailgating was fine, but it was tooooo cold to go sit on those metal seats for hours!

One casualty on the way home...

...but quickly recovered and got into some jammies.







We had the game on tv and Henry did "one arm push-ups" with the Wildcat after a touchdown.

And then follows it up with the "C-A-T-S" cheer...

Not sure what letter this is...but he does it with such enthusiasm!





The celebration ensues.

Then unfortunately, as this tower of blocks falls...so did the Cats...notice that the tv is now off of the game...it was too hard to watch. The boys took it pretty well...as you can tell. Losses just don't seem to get them down like it does the rest of us.

Hope you enjoyed the little peek into what happens when Mommy and the Gibson Brothers tailgate, then walk home and watch the game on tv...almost as exciting as really being there...wouldn't you agree?

Fisher's First Haircut

It wasn't that long ago...
Henry got HIS hair cut.

Now it is Little Fisher's turn...

As you can tell...he is pretty excited.

We are all about tradition. Our good friend Bob Phillips' Dad cut Ed and all our friends and family hair for all of our lives, and now it is my boys turn. Mr. Phillips cut Henry's hair, but, happily for Mr. Phillips he is semi-retired, but sadly for us, Fisher didn't get to have his hair cut by him, but it was equally exciting and Fisher got taken care of very well.

I think he is ready to go in.

Do you think it was time?

I think he thinks so.

Henry meets his barber.

The first cut.

Out came the clippers.

He was very interested in them. Not scared at all.

He really wanted to touch them. The barber {I'm going to find out his name and replace soon} was very patient and let him feel the vibrations.

Getting close to being done.

Handsome big boy! And the tradition continues...his first sucker.

We got a certificate and some locks of his hair as keepsakes.

And keeping with the last Gibson Brother traditional...falling asleep on the way home after the big event.