Monday, October 26, 2009

Diabetes Family Fun Day

September 13, 2009

A petting zoo.

(sorry for the blurriness. Spoiler alert I got a new lens for my birthday [yay Ed!], so promise everything posted from events October 10th on won't be blurry!)

Jousting, a la American Gladiator style.

Fisher said he was having a lot of fun, as long as he had something to chew on.

And then there was THIS...

Henry especially loved it when he figured out he could lunge forward and he started chasing the attendant around.

And when we left Henry got one of these awesome LL Bean backpacks with all sorts of information inside. Everyone loved it because the pack was as big as him.

What a great day. Diabetes might not be much fun, but they sure made this day fun for everyone!


It has begun...we can see the life of living in the car going from practice to practice and game to game for the next 18 years...and it all started very innocently this September with a little thing called YMCA Kickstart Scoccer. No games, no competition, just a weekly practice to teach some of the fundamentals of soccer to a little heard of kittens...I mean 3 year olds...I'm just glad I wasn't in charge of herding them! Besides the all important dribbling, trapping, passing, throwing in, and scoring...Henry's favorite new skill...Red Light, Green Light!


Fisher says wake him when it is his turn to play.

After Red Light, Green Light, Henry's second favorite soccer practice tradition...


(disclaimer: we do not endorse the wearing of Tennessee orange, much to Ed's chagrin it was the color left when we got there, and he did a very good job keeping any disparaging comments about Henry's 1st ever team uniform color to himself!)