Monday, August 11, 2008

Something About This Felt a Little Illegal

Well maybe not illegal, but I can just imagine from the outside it could have looked a little suspicious. Imagine this...a mom, in her workout clothes and Nikes, listening to her iPod, pulls her stroller up next to the UK Football practice field and points out the players to her interested son. She unbuckles her son, who hops out and goes up to the fence to get a closer look. Then, the innocent looking mom pulls out a big black camera from underneath the stroller seat and zooms in with her long telephoto lens to get a little closer look at what was going on inside the somewhat shielded fence. Mild mannered neighborhood mom out on a stroll with her 2 boys...OR intercollegiate spy?? If you are a Louisville or Tennessee fan CLOSE THIS WINDOW NOW!

See the blue blobs behind the screen? Those are players, here is a closer view...

The man in the straw hat is Joker Phillips, your next head coach. I didn't see Coach Brooks...but I was also busy writing down plays, um, I mean pointing out the players to Henry.

We've got our eyes on you...we can't wait until the season starts. Go Cats!

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