Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome Fisher Party

Last weekend was also a welcome grill out party for Fisher. Lots of great food and great family! Fisher was glad to meet everyone.

Cousins Hayden and Logan with Fisher.

Cousins Keegan and Logan keeping cool.

Fisher got some great presents.

And so did Henry!

Aunt Leslie is such a natural!


Getting a lift from Dad after swimming.

All the cousins...we sure do have lots of boys!

Note: I have to give a photo credit to my cousin Laura who pretty much commandeered my camera for the day...and who I'm sure by now is a proud owner of a new camera just like mine!

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lookingforblisschris said...

I love the "a clue" story .. I've been telling it to other Mommies in my life. And we all get a good giggle out of it. You have a LOT of clues in your town!