Sunday, August 24, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Aunt Kake, Henry, Fisher and I went to a Lexington Legends game Friday night. I can't believe this was our first trip there. What a great time! From start to finish it was a great time...well, not exactly to the finish...I hear there were some impressive fireworks but Henry does NOT care for them, so we left after singing a rousing version of "Take me out the the Ballgame" in the 7th inning.

It all started with the line to park in the $3 lot...but I spotted a sign for the $5 lot, no line, and so close that the attendant told us to be careful where we parked, that we could be hit by a foul ball. $2 difference, that is a bargain! Then there was our surprising bleacher seat tickets...usually $4, but by getting there an hour early, they were only $1 (but don't tell anyone...we sat in some very nice, much closer, and shady, unoccupied $10 seats).

The moment we stepped into the park we were bombarded with freebies! Woo hoo! A free player figurine, cute little model airplanes from the Bluegrass Airport, free Kettlecorn samples, and free pony rides! For a whopping $1 a piece, there were kid activities, mostly big bouncy toys, too big for Henry but there was a great little Merry-Go-Round. If not for the Kentucky Ales, popcorn, funnel cake, and big pretzel we could have gotten out of there for next to nothing! (come on, its a ballgame, they didn't exactly have salad!)

The HUGE Budweiser Clydesdale statue...Henry was not a fan.

But, he was a fan of King! As the sign says, there were free pony rides! Henry, who, of course, loves horses, but can be a little skittish around them, hopped on King, held on with one hand and kept telling him to "giddy up"!

Applebee's Park is such a nice stadium.

How cool is this Maker's Mark ball?

There were even "clues" ! :-) (see earlier post)

What looks like serious concentration on the game is actually a boy keeping an eye on his nemesis...

...standing behind the batter, you will see..."The Big Cow". The Chick-Fil-A mascot was there, and as far as Henry was concerned, there solely to terrorize him. He sat on Kate's lap for a long time, grabbing her arm and rewrapping it back around him any time she moved it away just a little. Every two minutes, and for the next day, he'd ask "Where's the big cow?". The answer, "asleep in the barn at the ballfield", didn't seem to convince or soothe him a bit.

Another "hit" (ha ha) of the evening was a miniature Legend's souvenir bat (pictured) and ball (hidden in my bag)...or baseball ball, as Henry calls it. He has practically slept with the bat for the last two nights.

Hey batter batter, swing batter!

(obviously it was a hit, notice the discarded bat and sprint to first base)

"Go Legends!"

Fisher was enjoying the game too, of course, he's just not in many pictures because he was strapped to me in the Baby Bjorn and I was using his head as my tripod.

We had a great night, the Legend's ended up losing in extra innings to the Hickory Crawdad's...but who really cares, just going to the game is all the fun. I think Ed was so jealous of our great time that we ended up going again, this time with him, the next night!

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