Monday, August 11, 2008

Speaking of the Cats...

Saturday was Fan Day! It was mostly a big autograph session, which we weren't that interested in, but getting to go out on the field was soooo cool!

Excuse Henry's Michigan colors, I got him dressed for the day that morning and wasn't thinking...his collar is UK blue...does that count?

Red 27, Blue 41 (or however you call a play)

Hut hut.

Check out the speed...look a the blur!

We're number 1! ...or is that eleven Henry?

Fisher was there too...he's just always in the bottom level of the stroller...someday you'll get to be the star buddy!

Meeting a future teammate?

I wouldn't have minded for Henry to get Lones Seiber's autograph and some advice on being a future kicker, or Myron Pryor's because, well...say it, seriously, isn't that the most fun name in football? The lines were just too long. It was a great event and very generous of the players and coaches to take the time out for the fans. Thanks Cats! Being on the field was great, but seriously it was so lush and soft I think even I could take a tackle on it. Ok, not really, but it kind of was like big green 1970's shag carpeting.

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