Thursday, June 4, 2009

Phone Photo Roundup

I did this once before, I love catching all the little moments on my camera phone when I don't have my big camera around....

Art time!

The Artiste.

And like a good Mommy, it is hanging up in my office. Ed has one in his too. He is a prolific artist.

Another sleeping picture. My favorite!

Playing with my iPhone waiting for me to get done getting my hair done.
(Update: Once again living up to his nickname "Old One Sock")

Not great manners in a restaurant, but stinking cute.

Not sure if those photos directly relate to these or not....

I was in the kitchen one day and Fisher was playing on the floor in the next room. I kept hearing a funny noise and didn't recognize it as a toy or anything, so I went to go check, Fisher had climbed up (!) on top of the table and was banging the blinds. The boy does loves to look out of a window!

Henry saw this button in my car sometime after Christmas and asked if that is the button you use for holidays. :) Wonder if he gets why we are using it all the time lately?

Henry has gotten on a kick where here wants to call dinner a snack. He doesn't care if it is dinner food, he just likes calling it a snack. If he has a snack later on that is called a snack too, I'm not sure what his aversion to the word dinner is, but as long as he eats something nutritious I don't care what he calls it. A couple times lately he's wanted to eat outside and have a "dinner snack picnic"...again, eat your food and its all fine with me!

When you have multiple teeth coming in at the same time I'm sure a cold marble countertop really is nice to chew on.

I have no words.

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