Monday, June 1, 2009

Easter 2009

Fisher's first Easter! Henry's 3rd already! Ommy and Poppy were up for the weekend. It was the 4th annual family weekend for Thoroughbreds and Redheads Maker's Mark weekend. (where are my pictures?? It was raining and I had to work most of the day while the rest of the gang was at the track. Rain or not, it was really fun, we had a blast and thanks to Henry's new obsession with Jockeys, bet on his favorites and everyone did pretty well!). Easter included a yummy brunch and an egg hunt. The Easter Bunny was pretty generous this year!

Brunch. Yum!

Dimples. I swear they slay me!

Aunt Whit's sunglasses are awesome!

Hello ladies.

Seriously. Hellllllo.

Uncle Cavan's football hold.

OMG. That smile. Those dimples.

OMG. That face!

The Easter Bunny "told" Aunt Kake, Ommy and Poppy and Aunt Whit and Uncle Cavan where he hid the eggs and the Arboretum.

My handsome men. I love them all so much!

I can't get enough of these glasses.

That isn't a vampire fang...its just a puff. If he is taking after his Mommy, he'll get his vampire pointy teeth soon enough.

Fisher "found" one too!

Movie star in the making!

Silly pretty Ommy, taking a picture of the photographer taking a picture!

Yay! Pretty tulips...winter was starting to be a big drag!

The loot!

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