Thursday, June 4, 2009

Keeneland Spring 2009 Meet

Hooray for Keeneland! We always love the beginning of April and October and hate to see the end of those months. We went many many times and these are a collection of pictures from the entire month.

Look who got a new hat! He was not without that hat for a couple of weeks.

A little rain was not going to stop our little jockey.

Henry's new friend.

So the big moment from this meet was seeing and meeting jockeys. After watching the reality show Jockeys this year Henry was all about watching the jockeys, for the first time it wasn't just all about the horses. We would go over to the jockey's locker room by the paddock and watch the jockeys just hanging out and getting ready to mount the horses. One day a couple of the jockeys took a liking to Henry and we chatted with them for a bit. Jamie Theriot was so generous as to give Henry his whip, which was so nice, but ironic because that is the one part of the jockey outfit I wasn't anxious for him to have...I'd resisted buying him a toy version...and now he had a full fledge REAL one! This made Henry's day...or year...or life even!

Getting an autograph.

That is one happy boy.

He loves this whip. For the first week he slept with it and wanted to take it everywhere....and was well behaved with it too! No using it on Fisher or Jack!

See, he took it everywhere, here it is at the spring UK practice game.

Our friend Jamie.

As Henry says, "They're gettin' in the gate."

And down the stretch they come!

Jamie again.

This might be the last photo I snapped before my lens broke...and then my other lens broken. So I'm kind of cameraless right now. So until I get a new one, from here on, most photos are going to be from my iPhone or the are blurry from my broken lens. :(

Argh. I wish my lens hadn't broken.

The only thing we are really missing at this point is a horse!

Seems this is the way most trips to Keeneland ended.

This is after the Keeneland, it is Derby day. For the last few years we, and most of Lexington, go to Keeneland to watch the day of races. They put the races on all the tvs and big screens and people come in all manners of dress and bring picnics and food to grill, there are mint julep stands and activities for the kids. Henry enjoyed his pony ride up and down the tunnel that leads to the track. I think he was ready to get this girl out on the track though!

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