Monday, June 22, 2009

Beach 2009

Welcome back to Pensacola Beach!

See last year to see how much Henry has grown!
(ugh, sometimes I can get the hyperlink to work and sometimes I can't).

Henry and Daddy drove down together and spent the week with everyone and Fisher and I flew down the next weekend.

Aunt "WaWa" got us ALL "Bocce Bum" shirts. We never got to make a group photo, we are going to later this summer.

Henry continued his Waterbug ways and added "Biggie Boarding" to his list of athletic prowess.

Much bocce was played, of course.

The Gibson Camp.

When not in the ocean or the pool, Henry could be found in the other large body of water there...Aunt Laura's tub!

Like I said, these first photos were before I got there and I'm not sure what the story is on some of them...but if you know these three guys, then you know it only ends with trouble!

I wasn't there yet, but I hear this was a BIG wipeout, notice the ocean swept hair.

Wipeouts don't deter this kid!


Of course, this is nothing new. Henry, June 2007.

Aunt Emily and Uncle Jon.

Did I mention I wasn't there??? This situation involves a concoction called Pasta Stew.

This is the aftermath that was emailed to me from Aunt Emily's phone. Again. Mommy. Not. There.

Yay, finally Fisher and I were on our way! This is what kept him occupied while we were waiting for the plane. Some people found it amusing, some people were looking at me thinking "that baby isn't going to cry on MY plane is he"? Which, by the way, he was a great little traveler, but squirmed so much I felt like I had been mauled by a small bear...but on the ground or in flight, he is a wiggle worm of the highest order!

Mommy Ann and Fisher.

Aunt WaWa and Fisher.

Hello Ocean!

Henry and his new pal Steve digging a hole.

Don't think he's ever had better naps!

Fisher and Mommy Ann on the beach.

The Gibson Brothers are definitely fans of the beach.

ALL the Gibson boys are fans of the beach!

Fisher was definitely a fan of eating sand.

He must get this from his brother. Henry was a sand connoisseur, his favorite was sand coated goldfish, but this particularly messy teething biscuit made a nice medium in which to dip into the white sands.

Fisher was not a fan of the water the first day, but by the second day he had warmed up to it and we couldn't keep him out of it!


Henry got his surfing chops back in '07. He is old school.

Yes, that is Henry, not Fisher. I swear!

Have you ever seen a sleepier surfer?

Farewell lunch at Pegleg Pete's...I think that restaurant must see a little dip in their revenue when this group all goes home.

Good bye Beach Trip '09. Looking for Beach Trip '10!

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