Monday, June 22, 2009

Pablo and the Bucket

Aunt Whitney's horse has made an appearance on this blog before...

(OMG, Henry is so little!)

But this time it is with a purpose! Aunt Whitney is going to teach Henry how to take care of a horse this summer! (Because his new phrase that sends me into hysterical laughter is "I want a motorcycle and a horse", actually it is more like "horshe"...and he he is much more likely to get the later, even though both are mother-terrifying-nailbiting-emergency room inducing items...and this isn't going to happen anytime soon.)

Anyway, I digress. Our first trip...

Getting his first lesson.

How awesome is this? Aunt Whitney even got and customized a bucket and brushes for him.


Thanks Aunt Whit!

How's that Pablo?

After all his "hard work", he got to go for a little ride.

Mr. Bossy Pants Future Trainer kept yelling for the girl working out the horse in the ring to JUMP.

Such a natural.

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