Friday, September 28, 2007


I like milestones, and since I didn't start this blog when Henry was born (dang it!) then to celebrate his half birthday this year, I've decided to start this blog. I've been a little wary of blogs and bloggers, but I'm pretty convinced now of their usefulness and visit my fair share of them now. I think I've done a pretty good job of sending emails and photos to keep friends and family updated on Henry (haven't I?), but I think this is going to be way more fun.

To celebrate this first entry I'm posting pictures of another milestone...Henry's first HAIRCUT. Sigh. He looks like such a little boy now. It really hurt getting all those curls cut off, but they were getting a little unruly...and if he gets the cut now maybe they'll be back for Christmas! We went to Razor's Edge in Madisonville, KY. Robert Phillips, the father of our good friend Bob Phillips did the deed. He's been cutting all the boys' and mens' hair I've known all their lives. He put the old padded taped up board that he has used for years, Ed thinks he probably sat on the same one when he was young. Henry was good, if not a little stoic, and didn't squirm until it was almost over. Ed's dad Ken Gibson came with me to give me strength and helped balance him during the cut. Robert did a great job and gave us a "First Haircut" certificate signed by him and gave me a curl or two in a little bag to keep. Oh! and one more first...Henry's first sucker...I finally caved. On the way home I pulled over to take the remnants of the sucker away, he let out a little cry of protest and then the next time I looked back he was sound asleep.

I always liked keeping up with my half birthday, (April 10 in case you are interested). Happy Half Birthday Henry! You are a year and a half old. We love you so much!

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Aunt Laura said...

Oh no, not the curls!!!!! Happy year and a half little man. Lots of love from your aunt Laura and uncle Carlo. Hey Henry, we have some beach sand for you to dip your goldfish in.