Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Red River Gorge(ous)

A little trip to the Red River Gorge before Fall is over.

I give you...The Gibson Boys!

Spotting fish?

My boys.

We managed to find a not so rustic playground in the rustic wilderness.

Miguel's Pizza. You should check it out.

Yes, that is a narrow hand carved tunnel through that mountain, and yes, they actually let cars go through there, and yes, Ed expected me to go through there with the rest of the family. With some anti-claustrophobic deep breathing exercises, I did. Twice.

Somebody was awfully interested in what Daddy was doing.

His name isn't Fisher for nothing.

I never get tired of this. Someday Ed is going to fly-fish full time and I'm going to take pictures of him fly-fishing full time. :)

Someone just woke up...

and sees his Daddy...

I think I'll be taking pictures of this guy in the middle of a stream pretty soon too.

Looks like this is about it for Fall.

It was a good one.

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