Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tailgate #1 of 2008

Henry and Aunt Kake (or has he's been calling her grown up!)

This is more of a post nap face...didn't quite have his game face on yet.

Actually going into a game! As you might remember, the year before last Henry went to every game, and happily slept through most of them. Last year we went into the first game of the year and after the fireworks, the F-14 flyovers, and general chaos, I took one look at his face, paralyzed with fear...and I knew I wouldn't be seeing the inside of the stadium for the rest of the season. So we were a little surprised when he announced a few minutes before kickoff that he DID want to go in. He did a good job too, staying until just after half time. They did narrowly miss the F-14 flyover this year by still being on the stairs on the way up...fairly shielded...otherwise it would have probably been all over...they kind of scared me, and I was in the parking lot!

So, that left Fisher, Kate and I to keep the party going in the parking lot.

After Henry rejoined us outside the game he heard the jingling bells of the ice cream man and he and Kate tracked him down and even kept in the spirit with blue ice cream. (What the heck flavor is blue?)

You'll notice a layer of red underneath the blue...that one only lasted a few steps away from the ice cream truck and unfortunately met its demise on the hot pavement.

Tossing around the ol' pigskin with Granddad. And they didn't try to put lipstick on the pigskin...oh, politics here please. ;-)

One tailgate down...6 more to go. Hopefully I'll get to see the inside of the stadium this year.

...oh yeah, there was football played. UK beat Norfolk State 38-3!

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