Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sometimes It Can Be TOO Windy to Fly a Kite!

As Ike blew through Kentucky we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for some late in the year kite flying. Turns out 65mph leftover hurricane winds aren't exactly the right conditions to hoist a kite. We tried 3 or 4 different ones and they would only fly straight out in front of us and then crash and burn. It was definitely an experience, Kate was with us and was crouching down to check on Fisher in his seat at one point and a gust knocked her over!

Good thing we hadn't gotten Henry's much needed haircut is doing a pretty good job showing just how windy it was.

Running against the wind proved to be a bit of a challenge.

See the big dent in the hood of Fisher's seat? It is normally pretty rigid and is shaped with wires inside. The wind kept it blown in the whole time. I never ventured very far from his seat, it truly felt like it could have blown over by a gust at anytime.

Mommy wore a summer dress...what was I thinking??

Fisher wasn't too impressed by any of it.

Finally Fisher finds something impressive about all of this.

Note: We don't mean to be flippant or insensitive about the destruction and tragedy that this weather system left in its wake. If anything it really showed us the awesome power of a hurricane. Our thoughts are with the victims of Hurricane Ike.

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Julius Mario Canapa said...

Hurricanes are not fun that is true and when Ike was going through Pensacola, I told Emily and Mom that Ed would be out here trying to fly a kite! Henry was getting in some practice for the weather channel.