Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something About September

Maybe it is the light, maybe the boys are looking particularly cute lately, but I sure seem to have an itchy shutter trigger finger lately!

I call these Splendor in the Grass!

Mr. Hollywood! First the sunglasses...

...then the posing! I told him to pose for me and this is what followed. I have no idea where he got it, he's never been told to pose anywhere like this...especially with the hands. A natural I guess. Let me add...he was spinning while posing, not sure that comes through.

Getting his agent on the phone I guess. And yes, he knows how to use the iPhone...figured it out on his own.

And finally, what fall day (or any day for Henry!) would be complete without some football? Good use for Ommy's vintage Tupperware! Sorry Ommy, don't think that is what you were intending when you sent it back with him full of snacks!

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Julius Mario Canapa said...

Sure does make me miss them even more. I love the posses, the boy needs an agent!! Those two are the sweetest boys. Kisses to you both.

aka rwar