Thursday, September 11, 2008

September, so far.

A little sleepy.

A little low key.

Some little toes.

A little downtime in Mom and Dad's room...Blue's Clues is always better on Mom and Dad's TV.

A little sudsy.

Just doing a little swinging.

A little Labor Day trip to Fort Boonsboro.

Hanging in the Bjorn on the way to dinner with Cousin Otto, Uncle Cavan, Aunt Whitney and Aunt Kate/Kake.

Sleeping through dinner.

Cousin Otto, Daddy and Henry. (my battery ran down before we got pictures with the rest of the crew)

The next couple of photos are titled "I don't think I've ever really had lemonade before...and I LOVE it!"

Time to stock my golf bag with my clubs...2 bats...and part of a floaty tube...and a shovel!

And drag it into the yard.

And of course dump it all out.

Mommy doesn't have anything better to do than to pick all this up later. Because you already know she doesn't have almost the exact same pile of stuff to pick up inside too!

Good shot!

Seriously...great shot!

Surely this was a hole in one!

Does Tiger celebrate like this? ...Maybe he should!

Keeping cool!

The kind of picture he is really going to be mad at me for later.

So...Mommy is a sucker and has lost her mind...Henry now owns a skateboard. For months we've seen skateboarders in the park and he has made everything into a skateboard...a big building block, his toy tool box...everything became a skateboard. So when we were at Target yesterday I saw a display of little toy skateboards, I wheeled Henry over to the display and he squealed with delight..."Skateboard!!" and then as quickly and passionately changed his mood and stuck out his bottom lip and charmingly said..."tooooo small". I had to laugh out loud and cross the aisle and finally give in to the skateboard. Right now we are only skating inside (reducing the risk of injury!), but he has been living for this skateboard, waking up this morning and asking for it, and generally carrying it around and standing on it wherever he goes.

More little can I resist!

A little more later...

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