Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Very Good Day

So by this point in the day Henry and I had already been to Keeneland, had a hat signed by world famous jockeys (pictures in a following blog)...then we came home to find that Dad had put together Henry's very cool wagon, a few minutes later Aunt Kake arrived for a weekend visit.

Test drive of the awesome new wagon.

A little swinging....

As long as there are Spring flowers and Henry is still cooperative, I WILL be taking the annual "Henry in the Flowers" pictures...

Aunt Kake putting a flower behind H's ear...moments later that same flower was thrust to the ground...

Speaking of the annual pictures...can you believe this was only a year ago?

Eating a flower 2006 (??)

Eating a flower 2007 (????)

Back to the present and our very good day...on our way to the playground...

The "kids" playing on the slide.

After all of this we walked to a UK Baseball game later...does it get much better for a Spring day in April?

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