Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lunching with the Horses

Last Monday Henry and I took advantage of one of the the weather and went to the Kentucky Horse Park for some playtime and lunch with the horses.

The horses became very interested in what we were doing...and what was on the menu.

What I couldn't take a picture of was a monumental much as Henry looooooooves horses, he is still a little shy around real ones. When the horses became interested in us I took a pretzel up to one of them and let him have a nibble and waited to see what Henry would do. He was pretty interested pretty quickly and let me pick him up and hold him up to the horse...and...then...he reached out and patted the horses nose!! YAY! AND THEN...the horse sneezed on us! So the next couple of days when I asked Henry about patting the horse he would say that we patted him on the nose and then..."achoo!".

If you've ever been to the Kentucky Horse Park then surely you recognize these chairs, and I'm sure you have your picture taken sitting on one of them too. There is a picture of me sporting a Dorthy Hamill haircut sitting in one of these with my little brother, I wish I had that picture to post here...then again maybe I'm glad I don't. ;-)

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kate said...

Love that hat! GOOOOO Mariners. Too bad his Aunt Kake can't abandon him and move out there so he can go see a game himself.