Sunday, April 27, 2008

Keeneland - Spring 2008

This is a long grab a mint julep and some burgoo and settle in for a bit...

The Keeneland Spring meet (April 4-25) really started off with a bang...

We went to the annual Maker's Mark Mile, but Henry was in no hurry, he wanted to be well rested for this meet, he knew we were going to have a lot of fun throughout the month.

When Poppy couldn't stand it a minute more he woke up Henry to get some help handicapping the next race.

Henry picked the #6 horse, Sarahlane'sdestiny, Poppy put $2 across the board on him (a $6 bet) and...just like that, Poppy walked away with $106. Awake for 15 minutes and already picked a winner. Our little boy knows his horses!

You never know who you are going to see at the track. Hello Coach Gillespie.

Getting a better view on Uncle Cavan's shoulders.

Cashing another ticket...this kid might know what he's talking about.

The littlest jockey.

The Royal Chase for the Sport of Kings Steeplechase. A unique often do you get to see race horses jumping?

On the 18th Henry and I headed out in the morning for a jockey hat signing. All proceeds went to benefit the NTRA Charities - Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund. A very good cause. As you know, Henry is a happy little boy, always smiling, almost always happy...but the poor guy started melting down as we were waiting in line, he could see the sunshine and the paddock off in the distance and just wanted to get out of his stroller. I was hoping for a couple pictures with the jockeys but Henry wasn't into it. The jockeys were so sweet, they were trying to get him to smile, some even tried tickling him...such a nice group of guys.

That being said, I'm sure Edgar Prado was much happier to be there than this picture shows!

Calvin Borel...winner of the 2007 Kentucky Derby riding Street Sense. He supposedly has a pretty big personality, he was very funny and animated while we were there.

John Velazquez always had a smile on his face.

Great guys...tough job...good cause!

Of course we had to wear "our" silks to the track for the jockeys that day...

Our friend Missy has a friend who is the sister of a trainer, so we got to go poke around the barns at Keeneland.

On another day Henry and I were deciding on a horse...I picked the 7, Ed picked the 8 in the Grey Goose Bewitch Stakes.

Isn't she pretty, surely she'll win for me...

Here they come around once...she's in the back...




Nope...see that orange square on the screen in the back...that is my lovely #7.

Daddy's horse was the big winner.

Good job horsey!

Have I talked about my camera envy at these races...their lenses are huge!!

And some of them that I would kill for they just hook up and leave on the ground!!

The next to last day. :( We lingered around after all the races were over and played up in the boxes.

Lets talk about fashion. You see it all here. Girls with barely there dresses and 5 inch a chocolate brown suit with bright orange shirt and matching pocket square??? Next meet I'll have to document a few more good examples. Henry is usually the most dapper guy there anyway.

Last day...

Bye bye again Keeneland. Thanks for the great times. See you in the Fall!

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