Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Birthday Party

a.k.a The Social Event of the Season.

The horse themed party went off without a hitch. Henry was attired in his jockey silks, the balloons were appropriately equine and the Grandmother Ommy made the best birthday cake ever. (I'm sure The Food Network is going to ask her to be on Ace of Cakes any day now.)

The party was hosted at Ol' Grandad and Betsy's cabin and lots of family and friends were in attendance including Mom and Dad, Grandmother Ommy, Grandmother Mommy Ann, Aunt Kake, Uncle Cavan, Aunt Laura, Cousins Andrew and Leslie Allen and little Keegan, Cousins Ashley Nisbet and Mary Alex, William, Noah, and Flynn, Friends David Donan with Bennett and Claire. We are so glad that everyone could join us for the fun, food (thanks to Dad!) and celebration of Henry's 2nd year!

The fabulous racehorse cake complete with jockey silks around the outside and a track on top made from ground shortbread cookies.

Henry and Cousin Keegan eyeing the cake.

There were lots of generous fabulous gifts...

A little mid-party meltdown...for just a minute...and then it was back to opening the presents.

Time to blow out the candles...

Ommy serving up her creation to Henry...

Henry's big present from Mommy and Daddy...

was a....

H-O-R-S-E!!! (btw, we aren't saying heeeee is horse!)

It is really fun, it clip-clops, whinnys and plays Home on the Range.

YEEEEE-HAAAAAAAA!!! (I swear that is what he is really saying!)

You know when parents buy a big present for their kids and there is all this build up and anticipation and then get a little disappointed when the child only wants to play with the box and ignores the toy....well, this was not the case. We got every penny's worth of satisfaction out of the 30 minutes that he was absolutely riding that horse with every bit of glee and excitement and happiness a little boy can exude! We are so glad that he loved it too.

We had such a fun afternoon and are so glad that so many loved ones could join us for the celebration! Henry has been such a joy for the last 2 years! Happy Birthday Henry!!

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