Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Henry is 5!

The Sunday before Henry's birthday Poppy was up for a visit, so while most of the family was together we had party #1.

How old are you Henry?


Yes, FIVE!

H's birthday fell in the middle of the NCAA tournament, so he was very happy to get a "3 Goggles" shirt from his buddy Wake.

Ommy couldn't come, but sent a package that could have ONLY been wrapped by her. Creative and beautiful!

Again, with the tourney going on, and the fact that Henry is a "Jack of all Sports"...this party had a bit of a sporty theme.

Uncle Cavan, Aunt Whitney and Aunt Kate channeled their inner balloon artist and twisted up some creations.

Fisher wanted in on the action, and Henry generously let him have his turn.

A bat from Cav and Whit.

A set of bases from Kate.

...and more baseball equipment! These have been put in serious use this spring and summer!

Hey batter batter!

A pillow pet from Ommy and Poppy.

A "Scratch" hat from Mom and Dad.

Celebration #2. Henry got to choose what he wanted to do on his ACTUAL birthday...and his choice was...Gattitown!

Besides the pop-a-shot, merry go round, many many video games, air hockey, and carnival games...they have TWO horse racing games. One is a huge screen and a very involved game where you actually choose a horses parents, help make decisions about training the horse and finally racing it. It is interesting, but the real action is on these...you get to be the jockey. Neither boy is tall enough or has even enough weight...but they try...

And probably break the rules trying...but it is his birthday, so go for it!

After all the pizza was eaten, games were played, and Mom's pockets were empty we headed home with all his booty.

Including this gem. It was very popular for a few days...and, hmm, I'm just not sure what happened to it. (actually we've had quite a few of these and they always seem to get a hole in it the first day...shucks.) ;)

No caption needed.

Poppy left us with a few special cupcakes before he left town.

Next round of presents...a soccer net from Dad.

New soccer/baseball/football cleats. I said why not use them for golf shoes too...Ed said, not so much.

And cash, hooray!

Aunt Laura sent flippers and

a mask and snorkel for our upcoming trip to the beach.

I thought the whoopie cushion was bad...

But guess what Henry asked for from Aunt Emily?

She even found the blue set he asked for. Aunt Emily delivers.

...I'm still planning my revenge.

Celebration #3. Next we had to bring cupcakes to daycare his first day back...

And LASTLY...the big friend party was on Saturday at Bounce U...and it was very, bouncy.

My first attempt at a birthday cake.

So that is FOUR, yes, count them, FOUR, birthday celebrations!

Happy fifth birthday to our sporty and sweet first born. We learn new things about you and about ourselves through you everyday. The time has gone by so fast and you are really getting grown up and really developing your smart and clever personality. We are proud to be your parents.
Mom and Dad

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