Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keeneland Spring 2011

We started out the first week of Keeneland by going to their great Saturday morning workouts. There is breakfast, activities and give aways for the kids, and the track announcer narrating what all is happening on the track. We got there bright and early and enjoyed it all...and then we go home and realize that we aren't early birds and fight staying awake the rest of the day.

Poppy came up for the Maker's Mark Thoroughbreds and Redheads Weekend. The day was a little chilly and rainy...

I think the boys enjoyed an evening with Poppy more.

The boys and I always enjoy hanging out at the final turn. It is such a different perspective. It is totally silent, no announcer, no crowd noise...and then the freight train of horses thunder by.

This is where Henry likes to spend most of his time. Carefully watching every move the jockeys make before and after their races. Here he is patiently waiting for his buddy Julien Leperoux.

You need proof that Henry and Julien are buddies? Check out Julien's facebook profile picture...

Pretty cool, huh?

The boys spent a little time with Garret Gomez tool.

On the last day we hung out with our friend Annie.

The Gibson boys don't go anywhere without a ball of some shape or another these days...anyplace is a good place for a little game of catch.

Good bye again Keeneland. See you in the fall!

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