Thursday, July 14, 2011

Easter 2011

So, I begin with a question. If you dye eggs with your kids then how do you explain how those eggs are transferred to the Easter Bunny for him to hide? I was a never a real believer in fictional characters as a kid and I don't think Mom and Dad pushed it very hard either...but I want to make sure I'm not stifling any of the kids magical beliefs. For now I think all is good, but if anyone has a guide...a rule book or something about how it all works I'd be very appreciative.

Dying the eggs and everything else.

The days around Easter this year had constant rain and we thought we'd have to do an indoor hunt, but we saw a window of opportunity and took it. As I was getting the boys dressed in their Easter duds Ed, I mean the Easter Bunny sprang into action and hid the eggs. It might have been Easter to the boys, but for me it was a potential photoshoot!

The wet grass was obviously making the dye come off the eggs, look at those fingers!

See that red bush? Does it distract you from all the dirt on his knees. This is when my photoshoot started to fall apart and the boys decided they'd had enough being sweet loving gentle it was time to slide down the muddy hill on their knees and wrestle.

I coaxed them back into a few more poses. Angelic faces, dirty knees.

Fisher telling us all about it like he always does.

Lost the pants and cleaned up so the family could go see Hop! together.

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