Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winter Fun 2011

It was a long cold winter...especially with two little balls of energy! Here are some of the highlights of how we entertained ourselves until the warm sunshine returned...

We discovered Monkey Joe's. Indoor bouncy equipment. Don't know why we didn't buy season passes and live there.

Monkey Joe himself.

We cooked.

We invented games.

We camped in the new sleeping bags.

Even Jack joined in.

We had another PB & J concert with the Lexington Philharmonic. This one was in the old courthouse...with a foot of snow on the ground...with no heat in the building. Good thing Cousin Otto gave Henry this awesome hat to keep him warm.

We played with our new foosball game.

Henry did some home repairs.

Then Fisher finished it up.

The boys like watching cartoons together in our bedroom while I'm folding laundry.

Sometimes they get creative about their viewing spot.

Henry discovered his talent for puzzles.

He also cooked us a basement picnic.

The boys had indoor horse races. {I'm realizing how many of the pics have Fisher in various states of undress...we obviously keep the heat up in the house}

Aunt Emily sent us some noisemakers from a Houston Rockets game. {she's always good for a noisemaker gift...wait until you see Henry's birthday gift}

Henry enjoying my "big phone"...aka my iPad. {loving the headphones from Aunt Kate!}

And this is what happens when Aunt Kate come to babysit.

We went to see the Harlem Globetrotters.

We got new sofas...and while Ed and Cavan were hauling off the old ones and picking up the new ones. The boys helped with the measuring to make sure it would all fit. {or something like that}

We no longer have a crib in our house. *sniffle* Henry helped me take down the side of the crib to create the toddler bed. Fisher loves his new big boy bed.

We had a couple rare days that were warm enough to go outside and play.

Muddy knees on the playground.

Feeding the ducks at Joseph-Beth.


At Ommy and Poppys.

Fisher discovered he could squeeze through the bannisters on the deck.

Henry had to prove that he could do it too.

Jockey on the move again.

Sandbox at Granddad's cabin.

Handsome smile.

Takes after Mom.

Hamming it up in the hammock.

Teasing me about how old he is going to be on his next birthday {coming up in a month}.

And of course there is always fishing.

Big catch!

To keep active and get ready for the beach and the summer Henry took swimming lessons at the Y.

Dressing up for "Crazy Clothes and Crazy Hair Day" at school.

Spending some time at the Children's Museum.

Henry's favorite exhibit.

I love this face.

Our annual trip to the bowling alley for Henry's friend Wake's birthday.

Best Buddies.

Then it was Fisher's turn to take swim lessons. His name might be prophetic...we couldn't keep him out of the water.

The real reason I love swim lessons.

St. Patrick's Day!


Flower's picked by the boys for Mommy!

A trip to the grocery with Daddy.

Photos by Daddy at the park.

Aunt Kate took this pic because she loved Henry in his skinny jeans and red tennies so much.

Henry's masterpiece at our new favorite place in our neighborhood, Orange Leaf.

Getting every last yummy drop.

It was a long indoor winter. But we had fun. We are rested up and ready for the Spring!

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Auntie Laura said...

I noticed that Fisher's swim class was All Girls. No wonder he was smiling.LOL