Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus

Getting ready for Christmas 2010...

Our annual Christmas tree trip.

We also bought a little tree for the boys this year.

We started a new tradition this year. The Santa Train.

There just happened to be a trout stream near the train.

Throwing rocks was Fisher favorite activity...which didn't exactly help the fishing. In truth, Ed said he didn't even see a fish anyway.

Sleepy on the way home.

New Tradition #2. Going to the Lexington Philharmonic Candy Cane Concert for kids. The boys were excited about seeing Ronald there.

Catching snowflakes after the concert.

Getting their Christmas haircuts.

Resting up before the big holiday.

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Auntie Laura said...

I really like the Santa Train. How fun was that. H and Fisher looked like they really love it.