Saturday, January 15, 2011

Soccer Star

This was Henry's first year of "real" soccer. They still don't keep score, but they played against other teams. Henry played for the Saints as part of the Lexington Youth Soccer Association. He picked his own number...#4...wonder where he got that. He was very proud of his team, uniform, number and name on the back of his jersey...and he was really good!

He had a few practices before the games started.

Running and warming up.

Doing some stretching.

Thinking about strategy.

Doing some encouraging clapping...this will become part of his game.

Practicing some basics.

We are ready to play a real game!

We have a little growing to do to fill out our uniform.

Here comes the clapping.

The parents "tunnel" after the games.

Fisher was a faithful fan.

And we loved it when Poppy came. Granddad got to come too, so did Uncle Cavan, and Aunt Kate was at almost every game.

He sees an opening...and a he comes...


And a little fist pump in celebration.

Mommy was team photographer this year.

Now its big claps.

Coach was also a elementary school principal and knew how to wrangle a bunch of 4 year olds. They all loved flying downfield.

Here he comes again!


And again!


Good game.






Which way are we going?


And again...



Henry usually scored at least a goal a game but in the last game of the season he scored 5!

Good Game!

Good Season!


We've got future soccer star on our hands.

Ah! We had a busy soccer season and were kind of glad to finish up...but we are looking forward to next season!