Wednesday, January 19, 2011


If you know anything about us, you know we loooove Zenyatta. So when the undefeated mare was finally going to race close to us we had to go.

Henry has watched the Jockey's episodes featuring her maybe a thousand times, we watch her races over and over....we read and watch anything she is in.

Henry, Ed and I bundled up for a very cold Breeder's Cup in November...

And unfortunately this was kind of the best view we got...

Look, there she is...I think.

Right before she lost the a nose. We are still heartbroken.

The Moss', the owners, announced The Queen was retiring to Kentucky in late November and in early December she arrived to much fanfare one extremely cold evening. Team Zenyatta realizes how much she means to the public and is very gracious in sharing her when they can. Keeneland worked with them to show her off a little before going to her new home at Lane's End.

So...I bundled up the boys, MUCH more bundling than the Breeder's Cup and we headed to Keeneland with over a thousand others to welcome her to Kentucky.

After announcing her plane had landed (the airport is across the street) they loaded her up and brought her over.

I did get a better view than I did at the Breeder's Cup. It was so cold (18ยบ!) that my camera was not functioning well and I didn't try to get great pictures. See that little blue UK had with the pom pom on top. That's Henry! Thank goodness Uncle Cavan came and hoisted him up so he could get a good view!

Isn't she beautiful?

There's Fisher! He didn't get the bird's eye view that Henry got. He likes horses, but not quite his "thing" like it is Henry's.

The line of cars leaving Keeneland. It was amazing to see so many people coming out to see a horse. It made me really happy and proud of living in Lexington!

Congratulations to Zenyatta for winning Horse of the Year! It kind of made up for the Breeder's Cup loss, at least that what Jockey Mike Smith said.

Follow Zenyatta, her blog, news, info, etc at They do a great job educating the public about racing/breeding/etc. Good luck to Zenyatta and her new "boyfriend" Bernardini...may they produce a beautiful and fast baby!

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Auntie Laura said...

How wonderful that you guys got to be part of this. I am so glad the boys got to experience something like this.