Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Christmas 2010

I'm obviously behind in updating the blog. I think I've been avoiding it in a way. Anyone who is reading this probably knows my Grandmother, the boys Great Grandmother, Lady, died on Christmas morning. Looking at the pictures takes me back to the blur that were those several days. It was such a juxtaposition of emotions...sadness about losing my Grandmother, my last living grandparent...and the happiness and joy of my two sons. The ending of a life vs. the beginning of 2 precious lives. Remembering all the Christmases past with Lady, and looking forward to all the years to come watching Henry and Fisher grow from toddlers, to boys, to teens, to men...with families of their own someday. The circle of life, somehow cruel and so sweet at the same time.

Christmas Eve on Broadway...

Full of life is an understatement with these two.

The Family. (we clean up pretty well)

Henry gave Fisher a baseball glove.

I think he likes it!

Angry bird from Aunt Kate.

Aunt Kate also gave Fisher a Bilbo...an open ended toy to encourage imagination and play.

Fisher is obviously enjoying it...

And of course Poppy finds some creative ways to enjoy it.

Bah humbug?

Awesome puppet from Uncle Cavan and Aunt Whitney.

Christmas morning...

Santa visited Henry and Fisher at the big Cabin.

Santa decided the boys were definitely on the Nice List...he was very good to them!

This was one of Mommy's best gifts.

Blurry but beautiful! This is what Christmas is all about.

Christmas Afternoon...
Cousins Delaney and Owen came up from Nashville and more gifts were exchanged...

Jeremy with Delaney on her first Christmas. Uncle Ticklebug Kenny living up to his name.

Granddad and Betsy gave all the boys flashlights, sleeping bags and tents. They were a big hit.

Later Uncle Kenny gave Henry his "favorite" gift of the holiday.

Christmas night with the Allens...

These photos capture the energy of our get togethers!

Handsome cousins.

It was quite a roller coaster ride of a Christmas. I'm so thankful for all of my family. I'm thankful for Henry and Fisher...the best gifts I will ever receive.


Cavan spotted these cardinals hanging around the house, with Lady's love of birds and with her iconic red hair I couldn't help but think that to me these birds will probably come to symbolize Lady and this Christmas to me, and now months later, in fact, they have.

Merry Chrismas Lady. (1931-2010)

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