Friday, April 23, 2010

A Saturday Morning

First, lets get this out of the way...
Yes, the pictures on the wall are crooked and off kilter, and yes, they are incomplete, Fisher's first pictures are yet to be ordered and framed...almost 2 years later. Eek! And yes, the side table is dusty, I was just starting cleaning that morning. Ok, whew, now...

A Saturday morning.

When the sheets go off...the jumping begins!

A soliloquy.

A proclamation. (note the all important finger)

Henry preparing for his new surprise trick...

the gargle.

So proud.

Feet. Sweet little feet. One day they will be big and smelly...but for now they smell good and I love to kiss the bottom of them!

Reading to Fisher.

Of course to be caught on film for all to see, they are reading "Everybody Poops"....I swear...we mostly read the classics!

Riders up. Note the saddle/saddle blanket.

This boy loves books. Loves.

The finger is back. Something very important is being proclaimed.

This boy loves books...and hats, especially his dad's.

Henry's other new talent, one much more interesting to me, he wants to learn how to fold things. Hooray!

This is a difficult move, don't try this unless you are is the proclamation/I am #1 proud stance.

And with that a Saturday morning starts turning into a Saturday afternoon...clothes must be put on, teeth must be brushed. Fun must be ensued in other ways.

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