Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Express Lane?

We had a strange and kind of scary thing happen in our neighborhood the other day. An elderly lady mixed up the accelerator and the brake and crashed into our Kroger. There were only minor injuries and it is a miracle that no one was killed. The boys love any rescue vehicle and any sort of official with a uniform, so we walked over to watch the action.

She really got in there. The tire marks are still on the floor, which is kind of creepy. I walk past them at a pretty quick pace.

Not much damage considering. A good ad for Cadillac? If you are prone to confuse the pedals in your car, buy a Caddy, they'll really stand up to a building.

The boys were interested in it all for awhile, but as the action started to wane, the boys found an old weathered Mickey Mouse ball under some shrubs and that became much more interesting. This is what's left of Henry's birthday pinata. He's still very attached to it. I'm tempted to sneak it into the bed with him with some fake blood and take pictures, a la The Godfather. It might scare him now but he'll think it is really cool when he gets older.

The boys are really enjoy playing together now that Fisher is older.

And that is just about all I can ask for.

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