Monday, April 26, 2010

Easter 2010

This was our first year dying eggs.

It was fun...very vinegary.

The colors were bright...

Funny how it just turned my fingers black.

Fisher must take after me, he likes his accessories.

Matter fact, he takes his sunglass styling after me too. He likes to put them on top of his head like me.

Except then he calls it his "hat".

We're on our way to Uncle Cav and Aunt Whit's where the Easter Bunny told us he had hidden the boys eggs.

I love that Fisher is rocking a pink "foof". It was bought at a sketchy Rite Aid one time in a slight crisis. We lose foofs* all the time, but it is amazing how this pink one just keeps showing up.
(*we have been calling them foofs, but school calls them binkies, so sometimes those terms get merged and we call them "boofs".)

I should have known from the look in his eyes that this day wasn't going to be all happy fuzzy bunnies and fancy eggs.

And the hunt begins...

We had a few victims.

The boys had help making sure all the eggs were found.

The bounty.

And keeping up a happy face starts to fade.

Done. I have finally figured out parenting tip #312...any holiday will involve one or more children getting sick or melting down. Just the laws of nature. We accept that now.

Happy Easter!

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