Monday, November 16, 2009

UK Football Fall '09

Welcome to another season of University of Kentucky Football!

Or as Fisher and I call it...Hanging out at the tailgate waiting for everyone to come join us again.

Sometimes we had company from our other friends in the neighborhood who were tailgating too, like Mr. Tyler. {who's shoulders are still recovering}...

and Mr. Tyler's sunglasses.

The backpack got some use again.

As it did at this time 2 years ago!

Have I mentioned there is a lot of "like big little brother" stuff going on. Fisher picks up on everything Henry does. He goes about it quietly and determinedly. He found this "tee" and set it up himself.




S! {he's got the cheer down...still working on the arm movements...although he does it with such enthusiasm, I think it works!}


Henry's favorite part...the extra point!

The Wildcat doing his one arm push-ups after we scored!

Silly boys sharing hats.

If you are small and are around Poppy for very will be up in the air at some point! I love the look on the face of the guy in the back. Must be a grandfather too...he seems to be enjoying the scene.

{Mommy got a fun new photo application on her iPhone}

When not watching the action on the field Henry spends most of time searching for the Wildcat and Scratch. Here he has spotted Scratch scheming with the cheerleaders.

We had to move in for a better look.

Our boys in blue.

Henry and Johnny Unitas (oops, he went to Louisville didn't he?)

As most games started we set out on our walk down Cooper Drive excited and optimistic.

We won some, and lost some, and as we are getting ready to put this season to bed, we'll go out singing the song that Henry and I learned and sang often together this year...

On, on, U of K, we are right for the fight today,
Hold that ball and hit that line;
Ev'ry Wildcat star will shine;
We'll fight, fight, fight, for the blue and white
As we roll to that goal, Varsity,
And we'll kick, pass and run, 'till the battle is won,
And we'll bring home the victory.

The University of Kentucky fight song, On! On! U of K, was written in the 1920s by Carl A. Lambert, first chairman of the Music Department.

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