Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween 2009

We kicked off Halloween this year with a "dress rehearsal" at the boys' daycare Fall Festival.

Come on Mommy!

I think Fisher likes his costume.

I wanted a picture in front of these pretty red leaves,

but I think the boys were ready to get to the party!

{The truth behind the muscles}

Halloween night, aka UK vs. Mississippi State. We did our trick or treating at the tailgate.

It was kind of funny how much of this outfit we already owned including the hat {Mommy got crafty and made the pom pom}.

The shoes were a new addition from the dress rehearsal.

Your Sports Illustrated cover.

We kind of "reverse-trick-or-treated"...their bags were already full of non-candy treats.

Including an eyeball ball!

This bag came together so easily, I was so proud of it and I loved that Fisher seemed pretty happy carrying it around. Now what to do with it? Umbrella holder? Any ideas?

UK Quarterback Freshman Class of 2025.

Off to the can just imagine the attention I got with a stroller full of these two sporty cuties.

It was a little chilly at the tailgate. Do you recognize Daddy's costume from The Office? Facebook.

Henry will never be able to pick one sport. Call him poly athletic.

This has been fun...but it is time to go home. Brrr.

Happy Halloween!

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