Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall Fieldtrips

Ahhh...Fall, there's nothing like it. Lower temperatures, low humidity, blue skies, colorful leaves. I wish it was Fall all year long. We spent a lot of time outside playing

We loved spending time at the park...

Playing in the backyard...

Henry reeeeealy loves his brother.

This is my favorite picture of Fisher. It is him. Big smile, roughed up face, snotty nose and twinkling eyes.

Monkey see, monkey do.

October in Kentucky promises plenty to do. Omy and Poppy came for a visit one weekend and we stayed pretty busy.

We went to see Cavan and Whitney while they were volunteering at the Special Olympics at the Horse Park.

I love how Henry kept putting his hands in his pockets.

Fisher slept through this part of the day.

But woke up in time for the Festival of the Horse in Georgetown. Which Henry ironically slept through.

Everyone loves to ride on Poppy's shoulders.

Everyone was wide awake for our third annual trip to Evan's Orchard.

Henry was old enough to really take part in it all this year.

Fisher seemed to enjoy himself too.

The boys loved the corn maze. Especially eating the raw corn, I think they thought that was the point of it all.

Notice raw corn around Fisher's mouth.

I didn't even notice until now that Henry was holding Fisher's hand as they were going over the bumps.

Fisher's face says it all...

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