Monday, October 15, 2007

We're #1!

Ok, we are really #7...but we just beat the #1 team in the country and we all FEEL on top of the world. Again, Henry and I listened and watched from the parking lot while our crew of 16 or so of family and friends went in (and all came out without a voice!). We were in good company, watching with Aunt Julie, Uncle Jeremy, Shannon and Rob and their daughter Elise...aka our new best friend. She single handedly entertained Henry for HOURS. Such a sweet girl!

A lot of funny expressions...but Henry is in the game!

The littlest tailgater! Henry's only 1st cousin is having another little Wildcat!


Stephanie said...

Well.....we WERE #1 until we went back to Wildcat territory. I guess you've redefined the "Bluegrass Miracle" now!

Love the blog, but I'm going to have to get that sweet boy in something purple and gold!

Aunt Laura said...

I know that Henry is UK's Lucky Charm. What a game, Go Cats!!!! WooHoo. Henry, Aunt Laura and Uncle Carlo send lots of hugs and kisses and for your parents too. You are just growing like a weed.