Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Day at the Races

I know at this point it seems like every other post is about Keeneland or UK Football...well, it is October in Kentucky, what else are we supposed to do? These pictures are from last weekend when we went to the track with Aunt Kate (or Aunt Kake). I'm choosing to talk about horses instead of football...for obvious reasons. (Watch out Vandy, Georgia and Tennessee, we're going to rest up next weekend and then we'll be back on our game!)

Watching the races on the tvs.

Picking a "Heee" in the paddock.

And down the stretch they come!

Henry and Aunt Kake picking the 4th place horse AGAIN!

Doing the Henry Dance on the bench.

Helping Daddy pick the Exacta.

Who is that woman?? A rare Mommy picture!

Yesterday was the last day of racing for the year at Keeneland.

Goodbye to the Heeees. We had a great time this fall! See you next Spring.

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kate said...

I made a favorites folder and these are literally almost the exact same pictures I picked. Keen eye sis. And aren't you glad I took a mommy picture?

BTW, Henry is my profile pic on myspace and my friend Neil commented "That's one well dressed kid"