Thursday, October 4, 2007

Go Cats!

We've really enjoyed tailgating this year, I say tailgating because Henry and I haven't actually been inside the stadium to watch a game. (Well, we tried...we got to our seats for the Louisville game and it was all just a little too much...helicopters buzzing what felt like inches over our heads, fireworks, paratroopers overhead, the crowd going WILD...Henry decided he just wanted to watch with our friends in the parking lot!)

We are getting excited about watching the game tonight...and a little nervous. BUT we have all of our lucky hats, shirts and underwear all washed and ready to go, and the Cats have their most important good luck charm...Henry! I wonder why no one at UK has caught onto the fact that they have been pretty darn phenominal since he was born! No thanks necessary Coach Brooks...we're just doing our part for the Cats!

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kate said...

I like him better in the lot. Keeps me company, because I never seem to get the extra ticket.