Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fisher is 2!

Lucky Fisher had 3 (4 including cupcakes at daycare) birthday parties this year.

#1 Florida Birthday with pizza and cake made by Aunt Laura.

This is Fisher's "smile for the camera".


Henry made Fisher a card...with just a little help from Daddy.

You'll notice a theme emerging.

Our little monkey.

A sit and spin!

Fisher loved all of his presents.

Birhtday Party #2. The Cabin.

"Alternative wearing of hats" must run in the family. (*See Aunt Laura above)

"Dirt" and Tractor cake from Ommy.


A wagon from Poppy.

Henry picked out a ball to give Fisher.

The grandparents made sure to give Henry something too. Poppy gave him a bubble rocket!

Granddad and Betsy got him a water gun...and guess who got wet?

With a birthday in mid-June I'm afraid Fisher is always going to have pink cheeks on his birthday...but there is always ways to combat the heat...a dip in a bucket for one.

Playing in the sprinklers is another excellent way to keep cool.

But when your diapers get too full of water...

Streaking is the sure fire way to beat the heat!

#3 Birthday Party. June 17. Officially 2 Years Old.

I started the tradition last year of taking Fisher's picture first thing on his birthday.

Good morning Birthday Boy!

You sure have grown in a year!

We sure have loved getting to know you for the last 2 years. You are your own unique and amazing person. We love you so much.

A little backyard party with some of his favorite things like Elmo, bubbles, monkeys and cake.

I think Fisher (and Aunt Kate) like this book.

Happy Birthday our little Hoppy Monkey Boy. You love trucks, helicopters, your first answer is usually "noooo" with a wrinkle in your nose, you love raisins, Elmo, "Fifford" (Clifford), you get sent home from school in loaner clothes all the time because you love water and can always find a way to get wet, you love balls, when you run your hair flops up and down, you say "faster" and "go Mommy" in the car, you call Henry "Baboo", you push my hair away to lay down on my chest, you love books and reading, you love "Wheels on the Bus", know all the hand motions for it and love belting out the "all through the town" part, you love to go "outside!", I make you say fip fops all the time because it is my favorite word you say, you have a mind of your own and know what you like and don't like, when you do say yes it is with a "uh huh!" that goes up in tone at the end, you make us laugh and test our patience, you love the animals game on my phone and I can hardly take it out without you saying "amuls", your smile is a little different since you knocked one of your teeth back at a Legends game, but it is still one of the best smiles around, you seem to take after me and don't seem to really care for socks and shoes, you are starting to recognize letters and numbers and when I ask you what something says you say "ABCD", you always recognize anything associated with UK and whether it says Kentucky or Cats, you always say UK!, you are the light of our lives and the beat of our hearts. We love you. Happy 2nd Birthday.

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