Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Summer 2010 Redux

I give you the remainder of Summer 2010 without much commentary or fanfare and not necessarily in order. It was a summer of golf clubs (real ones for Henry), fishing, baby pools, tennis courts, bicycles and lots of fun. Hope yours was as fun as ours.


We went to a blueberry festival, which was more like blueberry picking with some live music and a pancake breakfast which we missed. It was a little warm, but the boys had a great time.

Fisher got his money worth.

Our neighbor Wake, Henry's true first best friend. Many hours have been spent in the backyard this summer playing golf, baseball and biking until dark.

Our Fisher sure loves books.

The annual Gibson Family get together (also called Focce Fest) is a big part of our summer. We look forward to it all year. This year was quite toasty and the boys spent most of the time in or around the water.

Next summer we'll have Baby Delaney (born August 30!) running around with the boys!

Same weekend, same spot, same shirt...2 years ago...

Someone needs a haircut.

Touch-a-Truck was a great event and fundraiser. Trucks, cars, firetrucks, racecars, semis, etc. Fisher checking out the paddy wagon...

Don't think he is so sure about this.

Keeneland gate!

The boys are excellent bouncers.

For someone who was petrified of clowns not so long ago, he sure loves Ronald. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the Happy Meal cheeseburger and toys. hmmm...

Henry waiting for Wake.

The boys helped me shop for new plants.

We chased down a double rainbow.

The boys got a new door this summer.

Having a picnic by a couple of our favorite Horsemania horses.

Seeing Mary Poppins at the Kentucky Theatre. He was happy, but I'm thinking the camera somehow exaggerated this one.

This picture and the next might be my favorite of the summer. With our friend Rigdon at a neighborhood festival. BabyGap needs to use these pictures for an ad campaign.

We were very proud to raise a lot of money (thanks to family and friends), and to walk in the Step Out to Stop Diabetes.

Uncle Cavan was visiting one day and found a way to keep the little bouncing baby boy in one place for more than 30 seconds.

Fish taco night in our house is also called Cabbage Hat Night.

Henry dressing for a wedding.

The Lexington Bike Fest should really be renamed Kids in the Fountains Fest.

We went to go see Toy Story 3!

We had a brief visit from a kitty we all liked.

Fisher called him "mouw".

He had quite an air about it, I took to calling him Chairman Mao, or just the chairman.

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